This is the fourth write up of my film. As with the case, invariably, some things get mis-attributed. 🙂  The author does not do this consciously off course, but i guess, it happens.

Maybe, we just need to understand that such things will invariably occur and leave them, as it is.

The glaring error in this write-up is that , Keechakavatham is not Thamizh, because it had 100% Thamizh actors. This is untrue. Mudaliar has used an English woman, because it was very difficult to get native female actors to act in films, at that time. We call it as a Thamizh film, because it has a Thamizh title, subtitles in Thamizh and is contextually largely relevant to what is modern day Thamizhnadu. ( Madras Presidency in those days.)

Anyways, thank you Saju Sir for this lovely write-up.