‘The Missing Film Reels of Thamizh Cinema (1916 – 2016)’ is an amateur documentary project that attempts to chronicle the evolution of Thamizh cinema in its hundred year history, with a specific focus on special films, which are either considered ‘lost’ or are currently ‘missing’. With a special focus on his lost films, the documentary also offers a tribute to Director K.Subrahmanyam, one of the pioneers and founding fathers of Thamizh cinema.
The latter part of the documentary tries to focus on the issue of classic films which have survived today and have long passed into the public domain, but which still continue to be practically inaccessible to the general public and film buffs. The challenges involved in accessing these rare films, is debated by weaving a discussion thread around practical challenges involved, dilemma-tic situations due to growth of digital technology, ‘copyright law’ and the role of related institutions which have become functionally obsolete, in the era of the internet.
Several individuals including Film Researchers/Historians, Directors, Legal Scholars, film buffs and lay-personnel have expressed their views for this project.