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Email Interview with Dmitriy Plugin, Creator of ‘Ranzar’ – A YouTube Parody Channel, based on the Free to Play – ‘World of Tanks’ Real Time Online Game.

“Do not seek a trick, politics or propaganda in cartoons. And before you blame someone just think about it, pull your head, maybe it’s just a joke. Watch more cartoons, they will make you better!” – Dmitry Plugin, Creator of Ranzar, YouTube Parody Channel, based on Real events that happen on the ‘World Of Tanks’ Live Gaming Server.
Ranzar Parody Channel YouTube Link – https://www.youtube.com/user/RanZarEng
Ranzar Official Website – ranzar.com
1. This blog is strictly a non political blog.
Given the potentially sensitive nature of some of the posts to be purposefully re-interpreted for the ubiquitous function of ‘Online Trolling’, any politically sensitive comments to this post, will be deleted. The views expressed below are solely that of the Person concerned, and is not endorsed by the author or this blog.
2. Mr.Plugin is not very convenient speaking with English, while this Blog’s author does not know Russian, so there is a possibility that some information, may have been lost in translational context.
3. I have only made minor edits for better English grammer, and retained the entire conversation for Transparency.
Q1. Are you a developer directly associated with Wargaming.Net (W.O.T parent company), or have any interests with Wargaming, or are you just an independent W.O.T fan, attempting to express your views through your videos via the Ranzar channel?
A1.       At first I was (an) independe(n)t creator, I make some toons(Tanktoon) as usual fan art. Now we a(re) partners.
Q2. It likely appears, that you are doing this video series, only as a hobby. What do you do for a full time job? Are you employed somewhere with an animation based company or you do some other work as a full time job?

A2.   At present time I’m freelancer but I have a partial removal of the work, that is, I do not need to move away from my computer to do it. Basically I design, paint and (do) a little programming. Printing, web design, database.

Q3. What does this word ‘Ranzar’ actually mean or stand for? It is a Russian name or something? I see that your real name is not Ranzar.

A3.       It’s complex collaboration. RanZar – it ‘t (is an) abbreviation of two Russian words “Рандомные Зарисовки”, if you want to spell it “Randomnyy Zarisovki” – translates like ‘Random Paintings’ or ‘Random Scathes’.

Q4. Ten or fifteen years back, if you wanted to express yourself, you had no way of doing that. Today, Technology and the Internet has made this possible, not only has Technology made it possible for you to express yourself and the Internet and Youtube has helped you find thousands of fans, who appreciate your work. In a similar way, millions of artists are connecting with fans through a ‘Free’ and ‘Share’ approach that the Internet is making possible (today). In a old world in the 90s, even if you did this work, you may not have found even 10% of the fans that you got today, via the Internet. More over, it is less likely that someone from India, say like me, gets to connect to you and talk to you, without even (each other) seeing our faces. But the Internet has made this possible. What do you think of this trend?

A4.       Mmm, may be I did not understand what was the question but I try to answer. I think internet is great thing! He (It has) opened a huge opportunity for all, anyone can find a kindred spirit. Sounds like a dream at (for) all!

Q5. While I personally don’t think any of your videos are biased and reflect only the realities of the game ( for instance, the German heavy tanks inevitably cannot play from the front like the Russian Heavies, else, their sweet spot in the front will be the first target and they will get hit, and they will be immediately on fire. More over, their long range optics make them better snipers or support tanks than the Russians from long range, for eg), .There is (also) a feeling that the videos you make are pro-Russian, although they are more based on historical events, and historical events did actually pan out that way? . How do you respond to criticism that your videos are pro-Russian and Anti-German?

A5.  Initially, I was doing cartoons exclusively for the Russian-speaking audience. I had no thoughts that my cartoons will (be) watch(ed by) people from other countries. Then I saw the English comments and requests for translation. And I continued to do cartoons for Russian, but began to translate them.  More precisely, I do not seek to make cartoons national, Russian or non-Russian. I did it as I like, just my worldview is much like 90% of the population of the CIS (CIS stands for the Russian Commonwealth in this case?). Therefore, Soviet tanks often take part in cartoons. Although it is worth noting that Hellcat and Chaffee’s (are the ) most popular heroes, and they are Americans. And in fact most of the series do not have national implications besides (being) stereotypical, (or a) comic.

As for the series with the JS* in the role of Joseph Stalin and his opponents are the likeness of Hitler. Yes, the Germans lost there, and Romeo and Juliet die at the end. At this moment politics and historicity ends, and everything else is (a) fiction(al) joke.

About say(i)ng anti-German propaganda. Germany of that period was a fascist, started the war, wanted to grab a piece of the world. They have become enemies of the world. Wash the ideal role for the villain of the cartoon. Besides the artistic moment, German engineering is very brutal, majestic and truly outstanding, just the perfect bad guys. Becoming a bit popular, you begin to get a lot of opinions. Audiences of all ages and social levels, from different countries, different religions. Of course their opinion on some issues may be different from mine. Habit.

Q6. How has the response from the Fans been, through comments that you receive via YouTube and social media? What about the monetization aspects of this work? Does YouTube ad money and provide sufficient returns to make this a main stream viable job for you? Although, it is in Russian, which i cannot understand, there is also an option in your website ranzar.com, which allows users to contribute voluntarily. Am i correct?

A6.       I like my viewers and subs, I read all comment and reply to interesting or more like(a)ble (ones). Money is a means on which I do what I love. Given that most of my time I spend it on something that I love, I have enough money. If I went to a permanent job, and shifts important papers from one pile to another, it is possible to get more.

Q7. Parody, especially in a humour form is one of the greatest rights of an individual’s expression, and in a sense adds a lot of value to the parent company, World Of Tanks (in this case), How has W.O.T responded to your work? Have they been any criticisms or appreciations from the parent company? I think even World Of Tanks features the work you do. Can you tell me more about this or provide some links?

A7.       The World of Tanks didn’t criticize me for all the time.
Q8. You bring so much of variations entirely through the animated Tanks – Expressing human behavior ( the Real players on the server, (for) e.g Noobs who rush and get killed), Historical Tank design features ( The Panther’s sloped armour, which the smaller tanks can’t penetrate frontally), Real Life Historical characters ( The Big Russian Tank with (large) moustaches and smoking a pipe ( The IS Tank/ also called the JS Tank) or a British Tank wearing a Hat and smoking a pipe  (This is an error. This should have actually been a cigar.) ( Churchill Tank) ) , Fictional characters ( The BatMan Video) and contextual humour ( e.g the Maus going after a cheese). What do you think of these variations, and possibly many more,  that you bring to your work ?
A8.       I think it’s funny and it will be more.
Q9. What are your plans for the future? Any other comment that you wish to share in this regard?
A9.   I want to make some own place like studio, there I can connect some artists and make good things.
Again, it is in Russian, so I cannot understand. Are these the same videos displayed in YouTube Channel which users can view for free, or is there additional non YouTube content that users can pay and purchase via Itunes?
A10.   Composer Vladimir puts his soundtrack for sale.
Q11. One more question – You are doing these playlists as well, teaching people how to do animation?
A11.   I get a lot of questions, “How am I doing this?” In this video I try to tell it.

A secondary Follow up Email : 
Just two things here, that i wish to clarify.

“Q1.  At first I was independent creator, I make some toons(Tanktoon) as usual fan art. Now we a partners.” So, does this mean that apart from creating 2D animated videos, you are also doing some work directly for the main 3D work for World Of Tanks company and part of your work is being implemented in the real WOT live gaming server, correct? 
A1.       No, I only make my Tanktoon, I just perform this function of demand, nothing more.
Q2. You have already permitted me to use your responses for my Research work. Thank you for that. Are you fine with me publishing your Email responses that you have given me today in My public blog – killthepirate.wordpress.com? I will not edit anything, and publish your views exactly. ( barring grammer changes for better English). Is that okay for you? 
A2.       I have nothing to hide.
And Thanks a million for the response. It was a pleasure interacting with you, Dmitry. Take care. 🙂
A last But important Word that Dmitry wanted to share me to post on the blog. It sums up the Entire meaning of the post in a single quote – 

You can add a short as a quotation or statement:

“Do not seek a trick, politics or propaganda in cartoons. And before you blame someone just think about it, pull your head, maybe it’s just a joke. Watch more cartoons, they will make you better!”

*JS stands for Joseph Stalin Tank. It is also sometimes expressed as IS as in Iosif Stalin, because of the language mapping translational challenges, when a non English language gets converted to English. Th ‘language mapping’ challenge issue is discussed deeply in the context of Tamil cinema, in the book – “Kill The Pirate – The Quest for John Doe.”