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Tinkle and the “Copyright PIracy” Conflict?



On the face of it, the co-relation would surely seem absurd. But, then story building in a non fictional setup is always about building ‘context’. When you pair 2 & 2, you can any possible result, based on what operation you apply between both the numbers. That is what ‘context’ is about.

Yet, I find that by plugging in some of my views that i have had as a child growing up in the 80s and 90s, i find some of it relevant in today’s digital world. Surely, I am also aware of ‘Uncle Pai’s’ legacy and in my own small way want to pay a tribute as well.

My only hope is that i will get atleast an (email) Interview with someone from Tinkle and who has worked with the late. Uncle Pai, with whom i can discuss my points, so that i can base those discussions and curate the conversation to support (or remove) some of the my views in the draft that i have so far.

If you know someone from Tinkle Office ( India Book House), please let me know. I don’t even need to see the person directly. A simple Email Questionnaire-reply will do for me.

Please do your bit if you can and help this project. It is not mine. It is for us.