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Pondering points for the day..


Scratching my head on these views, and by the way, the picture of this white board was taken using Evernote's document camera mode.isnt she beautiful? 🙂


Why Piracy Happens? A Story In Pictures..

One of the (many)reasons, why Piracy happens.



Moral of the story : I can watch enjoy and support my favorite team when a much larger event like the FIFA world Cup happens in India, but I am not legally entitled to watch a legally made video ( a simple trailer in this case), well, (possibly) simply because the makers have not licensed it to be viewed in the World’s most legal Video watching website ( YouTube), when accessed from my country.

So, I need to watch this video now. Where else will I go?

P.S: Readers may also wish to read this story here, of legitimate FIFA partners going to court to stop Piracy when the FIFA world Cup was going on, a few months ago.