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Pondering points for the day..


Scratching my head on these views, and by the way, the picture of this white board was taken using Evernote's document camera mode.isnt she beautiful? 🙂


So, what do we have for Dinner today?

In many ways, the Internet gives you the knowledge and the willpower to move on, when you feel that an invisible force is pushing you through and guiding you. I have felt this for the past three years. I am really feeling hurt today, and i feel like ranting, but more than the will to rant, brood and point fingers, there is a stronger urge to complete, possibly what i was destined for. And everyday, this feeling gets clearer and clearer, atleast to me.

Looking up at some recent videos on Youtube, on Piracy happenings in recent Tamil cinema, led me to the name ‘QUBE’. The information potential that i see is huge… really really huge.. It gives me more data and stats to prove my view points, or debated, dissected and over thrown. I am perfectly fine with that..

And here, is just a sample.. I just glanced through the QUBE website and it has enough data to write a mini-work in itself..  Subsequently, more stats about QUBE will come out, as i go through more about it, in its website..  I have also discussed with a colleague the possible ways in which QUBE’s Antipiracy solution ( developed from Civolution?) works in this blog. QUBE_Movie_Release_2013_2014_Statistical_Analysis

God Bless the Internet..