62nd National Film Awards..

The Results for the 62nd National Film Awards was announced a few days ago and not surprisingly, there were a few impactful performances in Tamil cinema that were winners. For me, Simhaa’s character in Jigardhanda sums up a new dawn in the emergence of Tamil cinema.. It was a very strong performance without doubt, and it exemplifies movies like Soodhu Kavvum, Jigardhanda, Sadhuranga Vettai, Cuckoo etc.. Made with shoe string budgets, the impact that they leave behind are definitely much more than the hyped over budgeted ( and many times over rated and pre-hyped) gross and vulgar movies made with ‘Over the stop’ dialogues and pseudo heroism, which has almost always been a feature of Tamil cinema, anyways..


One of the interesting award winners is a man, who typically works behind the scenes, and has a legacy of his own. Mr.Dhananjayan, has been the associate Producer of Several movies on Behalf of UTV and was also one of the brains behind the Moser Baer Revolution.. His latest Book ‘PRIDE OF TAMIL CINEMA’ is without doubt one of the greatest works of Tamil cinema, to be written in English. The research has been meticulous, and ever since i got a copy of this book, I have also found it immensely helpful for my own research reference. Mr.G.Dhananjayan has received a National Award for his work, under a special category. .Congrats to all Winners of the Prestigious Awards..