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“இருக்கு .. ஆனால் இல்லை” – Where in this world is the Tamil movie – ‘Mr.Sampath’ now?

Mr.Sampath is a 1972 movie, directed by Cho.Ramaswamy starring Muthuraman. It is said to be a remake of the movie ‘Miss.Malini’, which is almost defacto accepted as being adapted from the book : Mr.Sampath – The Printer of Malgudi by R.K.Narayanan. { I am however skeptical about this inference, but in order to get a better understanding, i have refrained from writing a post on Miss.Malini, yet.}


Miss.Malini starring Gemini Ganesan and his future wife – Pushpavalli. No known copy of this movie in any form, exists today. 

The movie Miss.Malini was made and produced by Gemini Studios S.S.Vasan in the year 1947, with his chief lieutenant Kothamangalam Subbu, and the same team remade the movie as Mr.Sampath in Hindi and released the movie in 1951. While Miss.Malini, the Tamil film, incidentally, which introduced the Prince of Romance – Gemini Ganesan to Cinema, and in which his one of his wives Pushpavalli ( Mother of Hindi Actress Rekha) played the lead is believed to be a lost film, a Digital copy of the Hindi version, starring Tamil actress Padmini in the original role played by Pushpavalli exists today. It can be seen in YouTube.

Miss.Malini was remade in 1951 as Mr.Sampath, by the same Gemini Studios creative team, headed by Kothamangalam Subbu and Producer SS.Vasan. Vasan himself directed the Hindi Version. The Story credits are attributed to legendary writer R.K.Narayanan.  

Twenty one years, after Mr.Sampath was made, Cho Ramaswamy re-made the movie in Tamil, titled as Mr.Sampath, starring R.Muthuraman. I wanted to see a copy of the movie, and find for myself, if the movie was remade based on Kothamangalam Subbu/S.S.Vasan’s Miss.Malini screenplay (or) the original Mr.Sampath story written by R.K.Narayanan. To me, it made more sense for Cho Ramaswamy to adapt the latter, since the book version features a book publisher who later ends up entering films ( Although he isn’t Mr.Sampath) and Cho Ramaswamy too incidentally is a journalist ( Thuqlaq magazine), a dramatist and a film actor. So, which of the following did Mr.Ramaswamy use in his film? For that, I had to see the movie Mr.Sampath. But where has the movie gone?

Unlike Miss.Malini, which is almost lost for sure, Mr.Sampath was made in the 1970s, past the era of Nitrate Films, which had a better chance of survival. I looked up the Internet, and i have found traces to be happy that at some point, the movie has indeed entered the digital domain and is lurking somewhere, but is not accessible now. So, what might those traces be?


A simple Google Search for the movie Mr.Sampath – Online throws up the website link, movies.indiaglitz.com : A movie based subsidary website of the Electronic Journalism movie website Indiaglitz. Most of the movies under Indiaglitz are not accesible in India, which probably means that they have got Rights to Stream Video content abroad. Fair enough, so, I presumed that Mr.Sampath too should be online.. Lets see what happened?


The movie is not viewable in India. 


The Movie is not viewable in Germany. 


The Movie is not viewable in Penang, Malaysia. 


This is an unknown IP address reached using the TOR Browser.  ( It could be any foreign country). In this unknown country, the movie remains inaccessible. 


So, basically, I am neither sure of the countries where IndiaGlitz has a license to ‘stream’ this movie. On second thoughts, I guess, that IndiaGlitz may not have renewed its license for this movie, could also be a strong possibility.

The positive thing about the link in IndiaGlitz however, is that it gives us atleast a limited MetaData to try and trace the movie.


There are millions of smaller websites across the world, that typically use larger storage centres like YouTube, and subsequently use YouTube’s embedding functions to embed content across the website. This function could be seen at the height of interim Strength-in-depth websites that operated prior to 2011-12, before YouTube offered an official Channel Policy for Content Providers and Copyright Holders.

There were many websites that solely worked on linking legitimate YouTube content, and one of them seems to have had a link to this movie Mr.Sampath, which has been hosted in YouTube, at some point in time.


The Site clearly mentions that it indexes only Legitimate Content. 

Clicking on the Link, takes me to a disappointing link.


The Original link of the movie hosted in YouTube has been turned Private, which probably means the file exists in YouTube, but can be viewed only via Invites, but not before close to 2000 People had seen the movie via the Indexer Website  – Bharat Channels. 

Production Details : 

The Producer of this movie, Sundaram of Vivek Chitra Films seems to have been quite active in the industry. One of his discoveries was Parthiban whom he introduced through his movie ‘Pudhiya Paathai’, which incidentally was a National Award Winning Film. A bit of Searching through the Net also reveals that ‘Vivek Chitra Films’ has also distributed successful films like ‘Keladi Kanmani’. However, I don’t find any information of their recent ventures. The Original Producer Mr.Sundaram has recently passed away. It is highly likely that his heirs are not into the Film Production business now, as I tried to trace the address of this production house, but could not get any links either via the Internet (or) via the Vergheese Directory.


This space is reserved, if I get a chance to ask Mr.Cho Ramaswamy himself about the status of his film. News reports claim that Mr.Ramaswamy isn’t keeping good health, and it will be quite some time, before I get to Chennai.


One of the most difficult tasks is to locate the Copyright Holder of a film, as it can change hands, and like Land, there is no reference database to know the current copyright holder of a film, which in today’s world is extremely absurd. None the less, that is the way, it is.

But having spoken several times about YouTube’s automated Content ID system, I tried to find out if anybody has staked a copyright claim over the movie. A private individual seems to have uploaded 2 songs of the movie, so i just needed to download the songs and re-upload it through my account, hoping that i would get some warning or metadata about its copyright holders.


Re-uploading the Same File into my YouTube DashBoard. 


The Song is successfully uploaded, and no one has claimed a copyright over the content. 

This makes it even more absurd to me, as to why the original uploader changed the settings of the movie to Private, if no issues were raised. It is still baffling, but I do hope that some where, at some point in time, I will get an opportunity to see this movie.

For the moment, though, You can listen to this song from the movie Mr.Sampath, uploaded in the Website’s Official YouTube Account.