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Kuttram kadithal – Playing Hide and seek with me

Post Script : I did manage to see the film eventually in the theatre, the Evening show, before it was taken away the next day. I really liked the experience of the film, and I am happy to have played a small part in supporting Good Cinema.


Kuttram kadithal was one of the movies, which I have long been waiting to see. Finally, the movie released on 24th September, but unfortunately did not release at my place..


I had planned to watch it when I went to Madurai, but unfortunately the trip got changed due to an unexpected trip that was half disappointing and half exciting..

A couple of days ago, I set out early in the morning at around 5 am and I am shocked to see a poster of Kuttram kadithal, to be screened on that day in my native place..

Ok, may be i should watch that trip in Tanjore – me thinks. Tanjore, Pudukottai and now Trichy I am as I post this, I see no signs of the movie running anywhere..

I will reach my native place only late tomorrow. Day after morning, I need to leave for Madurai. Chances are that the movie won’t be around in Madurai. Let’s hope it is around..

If not the only feasible possibility I next see for a movie is only on Thursday morning in my native, that is likely a week from its original release. Going by current trends, i don’t think it will survive so long  but let’s hope against hope  it will be running.. Else, i am left with little choice.. Don’t blame me…


Kuttram Kadithal Releases more than A year after getting National Recognition..

After a long hiatus, National Award winning film directed by G.Bramma and promoted by JSK Corporation finally hit the theatres on Sep 24. This is a movie that I have long been longing to see on the large screen, unfortunately for me, there appears to be no sign that it has released in my vicinity. The closest chance that I may get to see the film in the theatre is probably 5th or 6th of this month, when I may go to Madurai, but then, will it continue to run? I am doubtful.. I can already see my environment being flooded with posters of Puli. It is going to release tomorrow, and obviously, it is much likely to be released en masse over the state..

Over this year, I have had to witness the pain of going through commercial garbage, several times, and definitely one of the worst experiences that i had was to sit through ‘Vasuvum Saravanum Onna Paduchavanga’.. A total trash worthy film. Rajesh’s fixed formula of making films, around Friendship and Alcohol has turned totally stale and definitely, given a choice, I would want my money back.

Apparently, the news channels and digital media tells us that most of these movies, if not all are doing well commercially. Now, personally, I would rate Madras as a Good Film ( not a great film) and the movie that came after it ‘Komban’ as a terrible night mare experience. I totally considered as a waste of time. But, having gone as a family, I could not see my family members themselves or the kiddoos really liking the film, though.

So, when I read articles that Komban has done better financially than Madras, it leaves me irritated. But off course, these are only my views, and they are entirely subjective. Obviously I have no qualms or personal issues against the people behind such movies.

NationalAwards       K3

K4 K1

But my other concern, is that i feel that the current Tamil Industry set up is such that it destroys the native artistic expressional form of a Director and throws him in a fit of survival and ends up forcing him to make these so called commercial pot boilers? One person that immediately comes to my mind is that is Suseendran, who made that lovely film called ‘AzhagarSaamiyin Kudhirai’, but I don’t know, if he would make such films again.. May be Azhagar Sami did not make much money, I guess..


It also puts another question to me, How then did Kaakha Muttai, which too won National awards, get a release, and subsequently go on to be a blockbuster? Would it have got released, if Dhanush and Vetrimaran were not behind the reigns or did it genuinely have commercial elements that meant success, which the distribution system got right?  I have no answer. It also raises another pertinent question, that if a low budget film maker , made a good film, but it did not get any awards, is it destined to rot in the cans?