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‘Giving Due Credits for Inspirations’ – Lessons that our Modern Movie Makers can Learn..

Very Often, in recent times, we have seen Movie Makers exposed brutally thanks to easy access of Foreign and International Movies thanks to the Internet, leaving many script writers, music directors and Movie Directors shamelessly exposed. But the act continues to happen.

Here, are a couple of yesteryear movies, that have clearly mentioned their influence and inspirations for the making of their movie. The first one is the legendary movie , ‘Ezhai Padum Paadu’ starring Chittor.V.Nagaiah and Actress Padmini made in the 1950s. The second one is the movie ‘Punniya Bhoomi’ directed by Commercial Director K.Vijayan, who was particularly successful in the 1970s. (K.Vijayan also directed the movie based on famed writer JayaKanthan’s book ‘Kai Vilungu’ as the movie ‘Kaaval Deivam’)

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vlcsnap-2015-06-29-23h37m30s804 Titles of the Movie – ‘Kodeeswaran’ starring Sivaji Ganesan and Padmini.