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15 Gramathu Atthiyayam Rudraiah ChandraHasan, NandaKumar, KrishnaKumari 1980 50 Drama KeestuGaanam Rudraiah KUMAR ARTS Ananthu Ananthu GuruDev Kannan, Thiagu Ilaiyaraja Original DVD MODERN CINEMA Full Length Movie Gangai Amaren S.P.Balasubramaniam, Malaysia Vasudevan, Jayachandran, S.Janaki, Sasirekha Nalluchamy Gnanasekaran



Arun&Bhavani_InLOVE Arun's Emotional BlackMail Arun's Promise Bhavani Starts Loving Her Husband Bhavani_Torn_Between_Two_Conflicts Bhavani's Wedding Night The Village




  1. A green village is panned across a moving camera which focusses on a ‘Koothu Pattarai’, indulging in regular practice sessions. The head is a generous man (Chandra Hassan?), who reminds his fellow mate, whether he has sent the money to every of his needy relatives. The other responds in affirmative, but tells him to be careful, since when he needs the money, no one will be around.
  2. In the dark, a drunkard oldman crawls towards his home. He curses increasing prices of Arrack due to inflation and blabbers that it would be more afforable, if he could distill it by himself. His daughter opens the door for him and offers him food. As he grumbles that he cannot afford to get her married off respectfully, he has sought drinking as an option, she just sits and smiles looking at her father.
  3. The hero has failed in his exam, yet again. His Father (Pannaiyar), asks him to come back to the village.
  4. Arun (?) the hero, sits back in the sofa and relaxes when he hears a girl humming a folk song, He opens the window and sees a girl ( amongst others) seperating the chaff from the grains.
  5. A conversation between a Flirting shopkeeper and a Woman whose husband has not been seen for over 2 years -> The shopkeeper does not accept money, the woman throws it on his face and leaves.
  6. Another man inititates a conversation with the shopkeeper ; Scenes LOST get cut abruptly; 
  7. An old man is complaining, as the blacksmith hits the red hot iron ; he complains that he saves and sends money to his wife and children, but they complain of never receiving it. I even told the Postman; What more can i do?
  8. The Blacksmith beats up the Postman and gets the Old man back his money;
  9. As the hero goes around the village in his cycle, a Red dhavani flies and falls across his face, as the heroine is washing her clothes – The hero hands her the dhavani as they exchange glances of love – Ilaiyaraja BGM Motif;
  10. As the heroine (Bhavani) is washing on the river, a lady ( her older friend) tells that she is lucky and will get a caring husband as she has a special MOLE. She blushes.
  11. School gets over ; Bhavani and her Older friend/Akka bring their two children back ; The children are very close to Bhavani Akka; They speak about Bhavani’s father, who is now also a child. Once upon a time, he lived quite well. Only after her mother passed away, he became a drunkard. The older ladies husband has left the two children and gone away. Bhavani consoles her.
  12. Bhavani plays around with the 2 children -> Long Ilaiyaraja BGM. She accidentally bumps into the Young Man.
  13. They steal glances – Ilaiyaraja Love Motif ( momentary)..
  14. As The women goes with her 2 children (#5) & Bhavani’s friend, a drunken Postman and another man on a cycle chase and try to abuse her. The Blacksmith arrives on the scene and they flee.. #8.
  15. The children run towards the Blacksmith, who offers the woman and her 2 children a ride on his bullock cart.
  16. He enquires about whether a letter was received by his husband. It has been 2.5 years now.. The woman tells that some people are not blessed enough to realise the value and live a married life. The Blacksmith replies that some people are not blessed to get married at all ( Is he referring to himself? We don’t know yet.)
  17. The Pannaiyar’s son goes to the Shopkeeper, purchased for Rs.4.50 and offers 5 Rupees. Shopkeeper has no change. He says he will pick it up later. Immediately, Bhavani arrives. The shopkeeper asks if she has 50 paise and tells her to give it to Chinnaya ( Pannaiyar’s son – the hero) – Ilaiyaraja love motif. –> SCENE CUT IN BETWEEN..
  18. A man is reading some poetry ( #1 – Koothu Pattrai) lying down on a cot. Suddenly, Sampath ( the postman) comes. He comes crying saying that his pregnant Sister has lost her baby and needs to be taken to the hospital and he has no money. He consoles him, offers him money and tells him to leave. The curious Sampath asks him, what is the next Koothu? The man tells him to leave immediately to take care of his sister. On insisting, the man says the next Koothu is ‘Valli-Murugan’ Kaadhal.
  19. Bhavani sits on the river bed. Chinnaya follows her. Some initial guitar strings. Arun follows her and talks to her. He tells about himself. Asks about her, and when he gets no response, he tells her about her, itself. Towards the end, she says just one word ‘ Aasai Dhaan’.
  20. This leads to a song -> AATHU METU LA ( MALAYSIA VASUDEVAN / JANAKI)
  21. The Koothu Pattarai writer is busy engaged in writing his script when he sees Bhavani’s father ( a member of his troupe #2) go to mortgage a vessel, in order to drink Arrack. The writer advices him to save some money, to which the old man replies – Writer : ‘Kai.. le irukkura Onnu.. rendayum .. vithu tholachuteenga na.. naalaki enna seyradhu?’ Old Man : ‘Enna enna panna solra.? Saarayam.. Aathulayum.. Kolathulayum.. Kottiya kedakudhu? Alli kudichu dhaagam theethukradhukku? Kaasu kuduthu Dhaane Bodhaiya vaanga vendi irukku’. 
  22. The writer offers the old man some money, and takes the vessel back to return it to Bhavani. On the way back, he decides to buy something for her. ( to eat). ‘ Wont she feel happy?’, he thinks to himself.
  23. As he walks magestically towards Bhavani’s house ( voices of actors speaking fiery Koothu Pattarai dialogues echo in the background #inside his head.)
  24. He goes to Bhavani’s house and offers the vessel to her. Bhavani asks him if he shouted at her Dad, to which he replies, No, I didn’t shout at Mama ( Is he related to him?).. As he speaks, a child picks up the vadai and runs, to which , he replies that he bought the vadai for the child only #although, it was for bhavani. He then returns back. ( There are symbolic traces that he is in love with Bhavani, at this point.)
  25. Bhavani & Arun on the fields – A romantic scene :
    1. Bhavani : ‘Ennaya .. Pudhusa Paakura Maadiri paakura?’
    2. Arun: ‘Un Kanna Paakuren’ ..
    3. Bhavani : ‘mmm’
    4. Arun: ‘mmm.. Un Kanna paakurapo Oru Nalla kavithai padikira Santhosham irukku Bhavani’
    5. Bhavani: ‘Kavithai Naa.. Enna ya?’
    6. Arun : ‘mmm… (Ilaiyaraja BGM in background).. Kavithai na… Kavithai na… Un kannu Bhavani.”
    7. Bhavani: ‘Apdi na?’
    8. Arun: ‘Apdi na.. Azhagu Bhavani’.
    9. Bhavani: ‘mmm’
  26. The hero is holding a letter, Bhavani asks him what it is.. He says in a hurry to see her, he forgot to post it. It was to be addressed to his friend, who enquired when he was coming for his exams? He says that in any case, his father would not allow him back, and even if he did, he wouldn’t go, because.. ( he teases her).. he couldn’t bear to live without her.
  27. Pannaiyar shouts at his sister, and tells her to tell his son to behave properly. To behave like an educated person, not wear a lungi and go around blowing flutes ( In the previous scene, he blows a flute during a romance scene) and become a Koothadi. ‘Kanduchi vai‘, he orders.
  28. Arun comes to Bhavani’s house in the night. He tells her that his father burnt his flute, and he is sad. Bhavani asks him if he is so scared of his father, how would he bring up the matter of their love? Do you like me or not? Arun gets irritated, somehow the topic changes towards some romance, before Bhavani leaves seeing her drunk father coughing, but not before she promises to meet Arun, the next day at the temple.
  29. A drunk Blacksmith sees the other woman in the night. He says he feels sorry for her, to which she replies ‘ Veshatha kuduchavalukku.. milagu thanni kudukradha kasakkum‘.. As he goes out half heartedly to propose to her and say that he wants to share her burdens, she cuts him off, saying that people would gossip if they saw them togerther. The Blacksmith leaves.
  30. The next day, the Blacksmith apologies to Lakshmi ( the otehr woman).. I never came with any bad intentions, the other night.. But i want to tell you something, but normally, I cannot tell it. Thats why the other day, I came drunk to tell you, but i promise you, that i had no bad intentions.
  31. Arun is relaxing when his Athai calls him telling him that his father is calling him with something important. The father shouts at him for being lazy and doing nothing but eat.. ORIGINAL FILM FOOTAGE MISSING.. SKIPS TO NEXT SHOT
  32. The next day in the temple, besides a tree, Bhavani asks Arun, if he would marry her? Immediately, there is an auspicious mela thaalam of another marriage passing them
  34. As Bhavani returns, her father tells her the news that her Mama’s son, is coming to get engaged to her. Her father is happy for her, but Bhavani starts crying. She gives an excuse taht we do not have dowry. But her father insists that since he is related by blood and not of that nature, she need not worry. He immediately leaves to tell everyone in the village.
  35. Bhavani walks to Arun’s house and by the haystack tries to convery the message to him. She starts crying on his shoulder. She tells him that tomorrow, she is due to be engaged.
  36. He tells her not to leave him, by listening to her father’s voice. She tells him to speak to his father #Pannaiyar. But what if he said no? I will come with some good news for you tomorrow.
  37. The night passes by montage scenes of the lovers at each of their houses, Only Ilaiyaraja’s BGM speaks.
  38. By co-incidence, His Father asks him to pick up 5000 Rupees from the safe along with some documents to recover some money from someone.
  39. Arun leaves with his father, while Bhavani gets engaged.
  40. IN the evening, feeling with guilt, he rescues her in time, as she jumps in the well.
  41. Arun asks her, to forget what has happened, and let us leave this place, right now. ‘IT is all over’, replies Bhavani.
  42. They come to a harsh realisation that nothing can be done, but she promises that even after marriage, she will not forget him, when he asks her, if they will be friends. ( All this is not shown through oral dialogue, rather background dialogues with them talking to each other, through a series of still shots). As a token of rememberance of me, keep this 50 paise, which you gave me, and which I have treasured so long, as a symbol of our love, says Arun #17
  43. In the dark of the night, when Lakshmi tries to nurse her child to sleep, the drunk postman again attempts to molest her, but she shuts the door. In his drunkenness, he states that she has a week, else he would rape her.
  45. Bhavani’s husband enters the room, while she lays silent without responding.
  46. He insists her she has the milk, but she turns her face. He presumes that she is shy.
  47. He passionately touches her body, unravels her saree and kisses her, while Ilaiyraja’s BGM tries to initiate notes of a mix of Passion, yet sorrow. Bhavani does not respond. As he attempts to kiss her, she only thinks of Arun.
  48. Finally, her husband gives up. He wraps her saree back. Her husband thinks she is tired and tells her to sleep.
  49. Bhavani wakes up to see a loving husband having got water ready for her to bathe and who goes out to get food for them. On the way, her husband meets a man, who enquires about his wedding and satirically takes a dig on teh amount of money owned to him. ( Kuthagai panam baaki)
  50. The two children of Lakshmi bring Adirasam for the Blacksmith.
  51. The blacksmith buys balloons for the children in turn and tells them to go home safely.
  52. After taking bath, Bhavani looks up her little box to apply Kumkum, when sees the 50 paise .. #17 Memories flood her and as she looks up the mirror, Arun appears, along with the memories .. Ilaiyaraja Love theme.. Even before the theme ends, her husband enters and sees her and praises her beauty.
  53. Bhavani serves food for her husband. As her husband has his food, she can only see Arun having it in front of her.
  54. The drunken Postman asks the Flirty Shopkeeper for a loan #5 : He refuses. Lakshmi passes by. Convincing him that he has access to Lakshmi, the Postman avails himself of free groceries. IN the night, the Postman brings the Shopkeeper in front of Lakshmi’s house and takes a wad of money from him. He says he will go inside first.
  55. After a while, the Postman is trhown out, after being bashed. The Blacksmith was inside.
  56. Bhavani is cooking food, her husband has loving brought her a saree. As he shows it off, she does not respond. He continues smiling, without having realised the fact yet, at this point, that she does not love him, yet.
  57. Ilaiyaraja’s pathos music plays in the background. After asking her a few times, to which she does not respond, he places the saree across her shoulders, to which she shrugs it off, leaving him shocked and sad.
  58. Initially, she replies saying taht ‘Ethukkum Oru Neram Kaalum Irukku‘ ( in a different contextual sense, probably, he is newly married) He finally loses his silence.’Don’t you like the Saree or don’t you like me?’, he shouts, throws the saree at her, and leaves.
  59. Late in the evening, an old woman finds Bhavani ( when the rest of the village has retired) on her doorstep sitting. She advices her that the lady of the house should adjust to the man, who has issues outside. If the woman too gives him trouble, then where will he go? As they talk, Bhavani is happy to see her husband coming. The old woman tells the man that his wife has not had food since morning, eat soon and go to sleep. Bhavani smiles at him..
  60. Along with 2 chicken, which his father in law gave him, her husband got her 2 jackfruit.. He tells that his father in law broke down thinking of his daughter. He told his father in law to come and live with them, but he refused. He has even stopped drinking. Bhavani starts crying.
  61. Bhavani now starts taking care of her husband.
  62. Having started falling in love with her husband, the next day as she tries to apply kumkum, she finds the old 50 paise. (which arun gave her) She looks at it and throws it out of the window.
  63. OOTHA KAATHU VEESAILE SONG..  -> A Duet sung between Bhavani & her husband ( Sundar).
  64. One day in a moment of happiness, Bhavani is being chased by her husband, when a bearded man asks her who it is? She replies it is her husband. The man has a beard and does not look normal. When her husband catches up with her, she tells him taht this was the man who used to run the ‘Koothu’, one day he went missing, and now he has turned Mad #1 ( Chandra Hassan).
  65. As Husband & Wife walk back ( a person, supposedly the village news teller with a black shawl) tells Bhavani that her father is no more.
  66. In the Funeral , Thangavelu ( Bhavani)’s husband advices him on something about crop failure –> MISSING FILM FOOTAGE..
  67. IN the Field, Bhavani in a moment of happiness, tells her husband that he has become dark. She has brought food for him. After he finishes his food, he goes down and hugs her in the open field.
    1. Thangavelu -‘Bhavani’.. hugging her
    2. Bhavani – ‘Yov..Yaarachum vandira poranga’. 
    3. Thangavelu – ‘Vayiru Nerambidichu.. Aana pasikudhu pilla’.
    4. Bhavani – ‘Yenna ya.. Vidukathai Podura?’
    5. Thangavelu – ‘Bhavani’, and he shakes his head slyly..
    6. In a mock anger, she lifts the Thookuchatti and puts across his head – ‘Potena..Vara Vara unnoda periya vamba pochu’
  68. She tells him that she had a dream yesterday night, in which she saw a ‘Nalla paampu’, which means that they were going to have a baby soon.. Both are happy.
  69. As the Romance continues on the field, she sees her old lover ‘Arun’ staring from his house terrace. ( Have they shifted to Bhavani’s old village after the Old Man’s funeral? And looking after the Old man’s lands, possibly because Thangavelu could not repay the money for his own land.#49). Her husband has some work in the field, so he asks her to leave.
  70. As Bhavani walks back home, Arun stands in front of her. #Ilaiyaraja BGM
  71. Arun tries to talk to her, but she leaves.
  72. Thangavelu is working for the Pannaiyar, as the Pannaiyar shouts at his son for not doing an errand which he asked him to.
  73. Arun tries to initiate a conversation with BHavani again, but now, she tells ‘Chinnaya’ ( a more formal word), reminding him that she is married.
  74. Arun reminds her that they made a pact that they would be friendly even after she married.
  75. Yes, I did tell that, out of some emotion. But it doesn’t make sense for practical life. It is better that you too forget it and move ahead in life‘, she tells him.
  76. As Arun continues to insists, Bhavani gets angry, She tells him that she has to leave, but Arun stops her and touches her, for which she gets wild, and shouts at him. Dont you know how to behave with anotehr man’s wife?
  77. Nee pogatha.. nee Pona, Naan sethuduven‘, he blackmails her. ‘Nee sethalum.. polachum.. enakku ennaya ‘, she replies, Out of anger he pulls her pot and throws it away.
  78. Arun’s words about their post marriage friendship pact ring her head.. Again and again.. Ilaiyaraja BGM..
  79. Bhavani’s husband hurriedly comes and tells her that ‘Chinnaya has consumed Arali vidhai ( a form of poison)’, and that he may be late. As her husband leaves, her own words ring her head – ‘Nee sethalum.. polachum.. enakku ennaya?’
  80. Bhavani breaks down & cries. The Pannaiyar and Arun’s Athai is heart broken. He does not refuse to respond to anything that his family members tell him or replu to their questions.
  81. Arun continues to stealthily follow around Bhavani, without speaking a word to her.
  82. They meet and a conversation ensues
    1. Bhavani – ‘Yen Chinnaya.. Ipdi senjeenga?’.
    2. Chinnaya ( Arun ) – ‘Naan sethurunda.. Unakku Sandhoshama irundurukum’.
    3. Bhavani -‘Yen Chinnaya.. Ipdi ellam pesureenga?’
    4. Chinnaya – ‘Nee Dhaane Sethu Thola Nu sonna’. 
    5. Bhavani – ‘Chinnaya..?’
    6. Chinnaya – ‘Nee Varuva Varuva nu Kaathitu irundadhu ku .. enakku venum dhaan’. 
    7. Bhavani – ‘Chinnaya.. Ipdi pidivadhama irukeengale.’
    8. Chinnaya -‘Bhavani.. Naan yaara nambi vaazhthituirukken.. Unakku Kalyanam Aana aprom.. yevlo murai unna paaka unga oorukku vanduruken. Aana.. unna Dhoorathu le paathitu, Naan poiduven’.
    9. Bhavani – ‘Yaaro Varanga.. Naan poren.’ 
  83. Bhavani walks back in tears.
  84. Bhavani is in Lakshmi’s house. She complains that the Blacksmith is spoiling the children and they are not being disciplined.
  85. Bhavani complains of a headache. ( Is she pregnant?) Lakshmi advices her as to what to do and not to do. She also advices her that just because she is pregnant, to not stop being happy with her husband ( sexual relations?). She says only then, she will have a smooth delivery. She also tells her that she is already unable to manage the 2 girls, but her lover, the blacksmith ( Are they married now – MISSING FOOTAGE?), wants a boy.
  86. Considering their closeness and her own dilemma within, Bhavani asks Lakshmi, what she would do if her husband came back? Lakshmi replies, In her husband’s absence, the entire village gave her no respect barring this blacksmith who was the only one who offered her and her children support and treated her as a human being.
  87. The conversation continues
    1. Bhavani – ‘Aanalum..Palaya Nyabagam Uruthal aa irukadha?’
    2. Lakshmi – ‘Drogam Pannina Dhaane Uruthala Irukkum. Aama.. MISSING FOOTAGE AGAIN.. Enakku Thunai Aa vandirukku. Orutharukku Oruthar Aadharava Irukradhu le Enna ma thapu irukku? ‘
    3. Bhavani – ‘Thappu Illaiya?’
    4. Lakshmi – ‘Oru Pombalaya epidi madikanumo, Apdi madhikira Aambalaiya madikiradhula thappu illema.’
  88. With an aching head, Bhavani leaves the place. She is confused. She hears Arun’s Voices in her head repeatedly and stars crying, even while lying beneath her husband on their bed.
  89. Arun has become a loner. He scribbles her Name on the Sand, and as she walks across carrying firewood, he stands up and calls her name.
  90. He sits on the tree’s shade and asks her to come towards the tree for some shade. She drops her firewood. Do you remember this tree? This was the same tree, where they had felt the auspicious sound of their wedding. – A small Flashback rolls to scene #32
  91. He tries to keep infusing the old memories in her head, which she wants to forget. He says he is unable to forget the memories, and he keeps coming back to her in any form that he sees. She tells him to get married, and move on in life.
  92. But he says that their memories are etched in his heart. Bhavani tells him that there is no point in continuously thinking about her and move on.
  93. ‘Bhavani, Nejamaalum Sandhoshama Irukiya?’ , he places his hand on her shoulder ; ‘Kolapatheenga Chinnaya’, and she leaves.
  94. As she walks back, she stumbles across the mad man, who has witnessed the scene. He tells her – ‘Bhavani..Ennama idhellam? Bhavani, Rettai veshama ma podura? Venaama. Naan Koothu la pala vesham potavan. Oru veshathukku mela poduradhu evalo vedhanai irukku nu, enakku teriyum ma. Vendaama. Naan un nallathukku dhaan solren. Palasa Nenachu Vazhkaiya kolapikaatha ma. Jaakiradhaiya Iru Maa’.
  95. In the middle of her sleep with her husband, Bhavani wakes up and acts like an insane woman. She has lost her mind and is fighting with her husband, before he slaps her.
  96. Bhavani is crying. Her husband tries to console her. She tells him that we shall leave this place. Let us go anywhere, but let us leave thsi place. She continues to cry. ‘I am afraid’, she tells her husband. ‘Don’t leave me and go, my husband’, she continues to whimper as her husband soothes her with his words and makes her sleep.
  97. VADATHA ROSAPOO Song.. Sung by the Koothu Pattarai Man ( Chandra Hassan) who has almost become like a Gnani now.
  98. Arun is lying on the field. For the first time, his father comes and talks humanely with him. He wishes him to get married and he wants to become a grandfather. But, this is not a compulsion, he says; An alliance has come ; You decide.
  99. Arun goes into Bhavani’s house; She is shocked. He tells her that he can wait no longer. He will wait next to the Nagamma Kovil, and that she has to come to marry him, if she doesn’t she will get news of his death and he leaves.
  100. Bhavani’s husband is in the field, when he suddenly thinks about the pain that his wife went through, and her request to leave the village. He decides to go home.
  101. As he reaches home, he sees his wife leaving to the temple, where Arun is waiting for her. Bhavani reaches and Arun reminds her the old memories again. He is of the belief that he is going to get Bhavani back. I felt heartbroken, but now I am happy, he says. Hereafter, our life will be one of only happiness, he says.
  102. Bhavani cries him to not torture her anymore. Between us theer is a child ( her husband).. How can i leave him, when he totally depends on me? Why isn’t a death coming to me, she pleads?
  103. Then, why did you come here? asks Arun. ‘That, i myself don’t know. I am torn between two conflicts’. Arun gets angry. No one needs to die., I shall die myself, he says and walks ahead.
  104. “So, you want me? If i die, you will have to forget me, So, i will die. But, I will also take with me the sin of having cheated my husband.”, Bhavani goes forward to die.
  105. As she runs, she sees her husband in front of her. She falls on his feet and starts crying. ‘ I am not angry with you. I feel bad taht so many days, you have born such a pain inside your heart. Bhavani, choose the life, which gives you happiness. But if you leave me, I will feel hurt’. Bhavani cries at his feet. ‘ All of you are torturing me’.
  106. As the conflict continues, suddenly The Koothupattarai man hits and kills Arun, and provides this justification : ‘Bhavani, Naan ivana kola senjathukku karanam avan mela kobamo, veruppo illema. Paavam, Avan Oru Irakka pada vendiya piravi ma. Bhavani, un mela irukura paasathala, nee vidura kaneera, padra avasthaya, thaangamudiyama dhaan, naan indha kolaiya cheidhiten. Bhavani, Oor le koothadirundhu, yeno paithiyama poitaane, unakku seyya koodiya udhavi idhu dhaan ma. Bhavani, Po ma, un Purushan kooda oru pudhu athiyatha aarambi maa. Po maa‘.
  107. Bhavani & her husband are united and the movie ends.

The Role of Communism in influencing Tamil Writers and Playwrights..

The traditional roots of Tamil Cinema have emerged from ‘Theatre’ and a series of Playwrights who wrote for  these stage plays. It was from theatre, that several stalwarts made it big into the Cinema Industry, and that includes several writers, actors, music composers and Directors, some of whom even made it into Politics.

In the 60s, there appears to have been a wave of communism that was sweeping the country. While in the long run, Communism never made any viable inroads into most of the Indian states, barring Kerala and West Bengal, and is even eroding as Globalisation and the dominance of the Private sector has fuelled immense growth in the nation and provided millions of jobs today, one must remember that in the 50s and 60s, millions of people who lived back then, did not have some of the luxuries that we have today, and most of them lived in penury and poverty in India.

This was also the time, when the World War had ended and Stalin had emerged as a symbol of victory over the evil Germans. ( All this perception of Stalin and Soviet Russia would change after the Collapse of the U.S.S.R and the BreakDown of the Berlin Wall.) As the Cold War was on, India’s Prime Minister along with Egypt’s Abdul Gemal Nasser opted for a stance of ‘Neutrality’. They would not take a stance for either the Capitalist ‘Americans’ nor the Communist ‘Russians’. They would maintain cordial diplomacy across both sides.

This was also the period where a lot of ‘cultural’ exchange took place between Russia and India. Millions of books published in Russia, most of them from ‘Progress Publishers, Moscow’ ( One of The Official Publishing houses, that toed the Soviet Government’s line?). Of them, I have an old copy with me, of the memoirs of Georgy Zhukov – Russia’s First Marshal and the man who defeated Adolf Hitler at Berlin, translated into English, and which was subsequently sold in India.


Marshal Georgy Zhukov and Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru meet in India – 1957. Picture Source : Georgy Zhukov’s Memoirs. Progress Publishers. 

This cultural impact seems to have had a positive effect of Tamil literature, theatre and subsequently Tamil cinema, as well. A lot of writers of the 40s, 50s and 60s seem to have been strongly influenced by Communism and one can infer them in their works.

Director Rudrayya, the man who having made only 2 movies in his career is still considered a legend for making the movie ‘Aval Appadithaan’ which was way ahead of its time. In one of the scenes of the movie, you can see a wall poster, titled ‘Mamayev Hill’. This is the legendary ‘Mamayev Kurgan’ hill, the hill across Stalingrad where thousands of Russian lives were lost against possibly an equal number of German lives, as the Hill exchanged hands several times, in one of the most bitterly fought battles of the war – Stalingrad, which eventually changed the course of the Second World War.


Director.Rudraiah of ‘AVAL APPADITHAN’ Fame.

Jayakanthan, a pillar of Tamil literature, the legend who passed away a few years ago is another example. I have no idea, about whether Jayakanthan actively endorsed the Communist movement or not, but the principles of communism were there and strongly etched in his characters. Most of his stories were based on people from the lower economic strata of society and rather than show them in a lower light, and use poverty as an excuse, he rather tried to show that even these people too have a sense of dignity, no matter, how poor they may be.


Writer JayaKanthan is a Gnanpith Award winner and one of the most celebrated writers of Tamil literature. 

The 4 main characters in his well known ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’ book – The Young boy ‘Chitti’, his mother ‘Thangam’, Thozhar DoraiKannu ( Thozhar is typically a communist terminology), The Aapa Kaara Aaya, and the man whom Thangam brings home as her second husband, are all very nice people, yet have a certain dignity and self respect amongst themselves. In his book, ‘Pride of Tamil Cinema’, G.Dhananjayan writes – ‘JayaKanthan was asked by many communist cadres when he attended the meetings, to make a good film. In addition, K.Vijayan, stage artist at that time ( he would become a popular Director later), and Na.Bhaskaran, a popular translator also asked JayaKanthan to make a film on his own. Jayakanthan’s comrades, after reading the Novel, UnnaiPol Oruvan mentioned to him that it best fits into their plan.


JayaKanthan’s ‘Unnai Pol Oruvan’ novel has been translated in English as ‘Love and Loss’ by K.S.SUBRAMANYAM

Dhananjayan continues saying that “UnnaiPol Oruvan was released in Soviet Russia and earned Rs.30,000, apart from the Rs.25,000 it collected locally. “Several of his works became films, but I want to write that down as a seperate post, because that issue needs attention on its own merit. 

Komal Swaminathan is an award winning playwright and director. Of his several works, his story was adapted into a National Award Winning Movie, directed by K.Balachander – Thaneer Thaneer. Komal Swaminathan himself directed his own play, which had long been trouped and played around TamilNadu by communists to demonstrate the exploitation of the Lower working classes by the Upper Ones. The Movies titled ‘Oru Indhiya Kanavu’ tells the story of an educated women, who attempts to live with the Tribal people of ‘Javvadhu Malai’ and understand their problems and bring solutions to them against a corrupt bureaucrat system.


Famed Playwright and Author – ‘Komal Swaminathan’. 

Thirty years later, this movie still holds its own relevance. Last week, there was a news about a police shoot out and that 20 innocent people had lost their lives. I do not want to get into the intricate details of that case, as I have no knowledge about it, and this is not a blog that wishes to comment on such issues, but based on the news report from IBN Live, I have also added a link to Komal Swaminathan’s ‘Oru Indhiya Kanavu’ for the viewer to judge for himself.