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Bhuvana’s QuestionMark?

S.P.Muthuraman is one of the iconic Directors of Tamil Cinema. He is one of those who really knew how to make commercial cinema, entertaining. I happened to see a film recently, called ‘KasiYaathirai’. It was a half decent film. It was not bad, and when I looked up his filmography, it was one of his earliest films, possibly made in the early 70s.


S.P.M obviously gets his identity by reviving the Studio and Entertainment culture in the early 80s, a pattern that was being attempted to be broken by a serious of Young Directors attempting to take Tamil Cinema, to a parallel path.

Murattu Kaalai and Sakalakala Vallavan are believed to be films, that took Tamil cinema away from this renaissance, and from then on, has ground Cinema firmly, in the roots of ‘HERO FIRST’. formula.

In the 70s, SPM has made a film called ‘Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri’. It featured Sumithra, who apparently was on a roll at that time, Rajinikanth, with whom in the 80s, SPM would later be on the principal architects in shaping Rajinikanth’s iconic status that we see today, by making films like Guru Sishyan, AdhisayaPiravi, Pandian etc, and surprisingly, Sivakumar in a negative role.

The heart of the film, is definitely not Bhuvana or the character played by Rajinikanth, it is the depth of Characterisation that is given to Sivakumar, who pulls it off very well.

Nagaraj( Sivakumar) is not a bad man. He is just a normal human being with his flaws, like any of us. He is opportunistic and selfish. You can’t blame him. He is an orphan and has had a tough childhood, probably. But he has a way with words. Not just with his customers, but also with women. He does not believe in long term committments, and if anything comes against progress in his life, he is ready to chuck it away, come what may, including Human attachments..

Rajini is more of a philosophical character and he is a drunkard. Bhuvana is a woman cheated by Nagaraj, but Rajini marries the pregnant Bhuvana against her will, although he promises to only be her protector. Bhuvana respects him and treats him as a God, till the end. Barring one scene, where Rajini admits that he desires her, as a normal human being, after being married to Bhuvana for five years, that commends appreciation. After all, we have a normal human being here, and not a saint.

The climax really is the pinnacle of Sivakumar’s characterization. Can a man bargain for his son, to his mother ( now married to someone else), and avoid giving the medicine, and claim the child? A pinnacle of Sivakumar’s selfishness.

The child is saved and Sivakumar realises his mistake. Rajini, the chronic alcoholic passes away after saving the boy.

At a certain level, the characters of Rajini and Sivakumar represent the tussles between ourselves? The discussions that happen between our Brain and our conscience.. Our Brain may know that something is not morally right, but if it senses a gain in the short term, it may well choose to go beside it, throwing all other reasoning into the gutter. The conscience is the reverse. Its a misfit in today’s society, choosing to always be on the right, and taking decisions that are practically useless.

Regarding the Title of the film, The Only question that I could interpret of Bhuvana, in this film, was, what happens to her future and her child, now that Rajini is dead?

‘Bhuvana Oru Kelvikuri’ is A real tussle of human emotions and sentimental drama that ties you down, till the very end.


Sappani’s Story – The Untold Story of ‘Pathinaaru Vayathinile…’


Can an entire story be embedded inside a song? Surely, It can.. The Title track Song (Kadhai Kelu) of Michael Madhana Kamarajan embeds the entire gist of the movie. The lyrics are clear and crisp and easily decipherable. But, what if the song is nothing, but rhetoric, like slapstick comedy? Sometimes, the sole function of lyrics is to only sit along with the tune, and it is the job of the director to bring the song to light visually.. The lyrics, really do not matter..

One such song, is from the movie ‘Pathinaaru Vayathinile’. Superficially, on the face of it, the lyrics of the song make absolutely no sense.. They are designed to only fit in Ilaiyaraja’s tune, and the lyrics would have to be funny enough, to get Sappani to make Mayilu laugh? But what if the lyricist was competent enough to embedd a story, or some portions of the movie, which were never told on screen?

Off course, the interpretation is purely subjective. But, in Sappani’s words, i see, a lot of things..

Village Simpletons are usually perceived as stupid. The classic example is how ‘Sappani’ in ’16 Vayadhinile’ and ‘Sembattai ( Sivakumar)’ in ‘Rosapoo Ravikaikaari’ are perceived by several characters in their respective movies. Now, let us see what this song has to offer.. Is this just a stupid rhetorical song , a slapstick comedy or is Sappani a misplaced genius?

Mayilu is still coming out of the shock of her mother’s death. She is alone and the only support she has is Sappani. Obviously, She doesn’t love him, but knows that Sappani does and has only a feeling of sympathy towards him.. The movie is released in the 70s depicting a very rural village with hardly anyone knowing English.. ( except the famous doctor).. Most people here live in poverty, and one can see in various scenes that one of the major forms of entertainment in the village is Gossip.. Another thing is that theatres are not much in the village..( except a Tent kottai, a scene where Mayilu asks her mother for money to go to a bench seat, but is blasted and is finally Sappani gives her the money)

So, in those days, Drama (Koothu) was not only a common form of expression, but a regular feature integrated along with other customs and rituals. in villages. Unfortunately, it is slowly becoming a dying art, as depicted in the movie ‘Avathaaram’. With this background, i want to go into the nuances and my interpretation of the song..

In the first stanza.. “Aatu Kutti Muttai yittu.. kozhi kutti vandhadhu innu….ippo kaanudhu bhoomi.. ”

Sappani is telling Mayilu that strange things are already happening in the world ( their small world)..



“Koothu Meda Raasavukku Noothi Oru Pondaatiyaam..
Noothi Rendu Pondaatiyum Vaathu Moota podathuvaam..
Pattathu Raani..Adhiley Pathinettu Peru..
Pathinettu Perkkum..Vayasu irupathi Aaru.. Motham Irupathi Aaru..”

Observe the shocking expression ‘Aangh?’ by Mayil?

So, there is a man, a stage artist who regularly plays the king, not just king, he also plays with women, not one, but lots of them..
Each of them bore children ( Vaathu Muttai potathuvaam)..
The women who plays the role of ‘City Girl’ or who came from the city, has born eighteen children..
And all of them are aged 26, which means that she bore all of 18 of them in a single pregnancy..
And if these children are aged 26, how old must the pattathu raja be?

Is this story unbelievable, didn’t i tell you, that strange things are happening in the first paragraph?

Sappani then also mentions that this has been mentioned in Valluvan’s Ettu.. So, i suppose such a story has been recorded in ancient mythology (Dasaradha King had 60,000 wives? Thanks to Netrikann movie 🙂 )

IInd Paragraph :

“Kaakai Illa Seemai ille..Kaaterumai mekkaiyile……
Sandaiku pona.. Naanum.. Saatchikku varava..?
Sambandham panna.. unakku Sammadhama?..”

Mayilu and Sappani are walking towards the town now.. So, he speaks about the Seema.. to which they now going to..
In village terms or thanks to Tamil cinema, we may have heard this dialogue ‘ Sandai Kaaran Kaal le vilalana.. Saatchi Kaaran Kaal le vilu..”

So, typically, the Sandai kaaran..and the Satchi Kaaran are enemies., and in a worst case scenario, you can bank on the Saatchi Kaaran to bail you out.

So Sappani tells her, that even if you go for a Sandai in the Seemai(town) with anyone, i will come as the Saatchi kaaran ( to support you..).. So, now that i have told you, that i will support you.. Are you ready to marry me?

By now , we here the heroine telling Sappani, I am going to Sandai, you come as Saatchi ( support me).. Now, give me your acknowledgement to marry me..

Only for Sappani to be broken from his dreams.. to hear an old lady tell him, to stop living in fantasy world .. ( Mayilu doesn’t love Sappani yet..)


In the next verse, he talks about S.G. Kittappa, a popular stage artist, ( K.B.Sundarambal’s husband), who passed away in the early 1930s.. Kittappa passed away before sound cinema became main stream.. n 1931, Sound had come to cinema.. Kalidas was released.. And Sound based cinemas, subsequently started becoming a part of Tamil culture.. P.U.Chinappa became a cine star ( the second star after M.K.Thyagaraja Bhagavathar.. However, P.U.Chinappa died young due to a heart attack in the early 1950s..)

So, Sappani tells that he has heard Kittappa ( you can hear some of Kittappa’s songs on YouTube) .. Since Chinappa lived around 2 decades after Kittappa and also starred in Films, Sappani may have seen P.U.Chinnapa perform one of his romantic movies in the village kottai.. That ais why he says Kittappa paata ‘keten‘ and Chinnapa va nerula ‘paathen‘.. The music is flowing in me .. If i go to the stage.. There is no girl equivalent for me.. If i start singing, I am ‘1 in a 100’.. Shall i show you my talent? Shall i sing a couple of sangathis?

And then he starts singing classical music to which a donkey responds, which leaves Mayilu in splits.. After all, isnt that what Sappani wanted in the first place?











!(this is an image)(https://drive.google.com/a/killthepirate.in/file/d/0B18YwI4sNM5CVGwteVJ0VGpYdW8/view)


Five different men start their motorcyles and move towards a common destination.

A man who won a Jackpot is offering a treat to his friends, and a woman is dancing caberat.

The Five men disrupt the party -> Some strong dialogues :

    1. Kamalhasan introduces his friends to everyone in the party. after trapping the Rich man – “Thiru Madan, Thiru Rajini, Thiru Balu, Thiru Natraj, Thiru Muthayya. Ellame Unamayana peru dhaan. Police kitta sollalaam. Yerkanave Avangalukku Teriyum.” [ All of them are not Real Life Names. ]
    2. Kamal – “Saar, thappa nenachukatheenga. Naanga thirudangal illa. Alavu mela adigama panam vechurukavanga dhaan thirudanga. Periyavanga Solirukanga. Muzhiya paaru, thirutu Muzhi.”

With Kamal’s permission, Rajini brings the girl back and the Dance continues.

In between, Kamal and Rajini casually play -Aadu-Puli Aatam.

A fight ensues, but the 6 men triumph, and take the money with them.

Kamal gives part of the money to an ailing family, who want him to leave this dirty business, but Kamal says, if I leave this, where will i go? I just can’t leave this.

The affected people complain to the Police Major.SundarRajan, also mentioning how casually even in such a tense scenario, 2 of the members played and entertained themselves playing ‘Aadu-Puli’ Aatam, Major replies that this is a regular trend of this group, and soon they will be caught.

Major has an interaction with his wife. He speaks about a nice person who has become a thief, and he is on the look out for him. He wonders how this happened. His wife replies, maybe ‘sagavasam’ spoilt him. Major replies -‘Kettathu kaprom – senthaana, illa senthathukaprom, kettana? nu yosichitu irukken.”

Kamal (He is called Madan in the film) has a nightmare, in which there is a woman waving her hand, and he screams and wakes up, waking the remaining five people. When questioned, he refuses to tell them the reason, which he knows.

Sripriya and her friend work in a hotel. As a group of men try to misbehave with her, she smashes them up. But someone tears her dress. Kamal comes to her aid.

He seems to be a regular custoemr to this hotel and has told them earlier that he is a Forest Officer.

One of the members of the group falls in love/ Rajini discourages him/Kamal encourages him

Police/Major Sundarajan raid their hideout. The gang escapes in thier bikes. Major observes the Aadu-Puli sign on a table.

Balu gets married.

They celebrate their wedding night in the den. As they celebrate it/( with a tiny cloth seperation)/ the noise disturbs Kamal and his old hallucinations of the woman come back.

After the wedding night, the next day morning, Balu wants to leave the group and lead a normal life. Rajini says he knew this would happen as a premonition. His justification is that if Balu left the group, he would get caught by the police, thereby getting the whole group caught. Kamal says, he also knew this would happen, and its only fair that Balu be allowed to lead a normal married life.

Balu is trapped by the police. His wife rushes back to the den to inform them. Hurriedly, Rajini starts his bike and leaves.

Rajini kidnaps Major Sundarrajan’s son & blackmails him to release Balu.

Without Rajini’s knowledge, Kamal plans to release the boy and bring him back to Major. He also tells Balu’s wife to leave.

Kamal in disguise, drops the Son and wishes to leave, but Major wants him to stay. Major recognizes that this is Madan. Hands Up. Kamal escapes.

Major chases Kamal.After a long chase Major shoots Kamal a few times. A wounder Kamal finally escapes into a church.

A wounded Kamal shockingly meets Mary in the Church

A Nun picks him up. Kamal is shocked, she was the woman who used to come in his hallucinations.


The landlady comes to ask for her Rent : She tells Mary ( the Nun/ Already something seems to be going on between kamal & Mary). “Indha Thirutu Payan Police le sera poranam. Naadu Urupaduma?ANOTHER PREMONITION

Daily Mary brings food for Kamal and the exchange happens across Terraces, as Kamal prepares to beocome a police man. Love blossoms.

Kamal gets a call interview from Chennai Police. Mary helpss him financially. As he leaves the station, she waves and runs towards him, as the train leaves. These are the hallucinating images that Kamal used to receive.

The next scene Mary is shocked to see the image of the wanted ‘6’ as criminals, including Kamal in the paper. She is shocked.

Unable to bear the shock of Kamal turning a thief, Mary becomes a Nun. THE FLASHBACK ENDS. KAMAL then tells her his side of the story, of how he became a thief.


Kamal’s Friend is sick. So, he misses the Interview.

Kamal approaches Major SundarRajan the next day, attempting to explain his situation, but Major dismisses him and says nothing can be done.

His friend is still sick and needs money.

The Employer of Kamal’s friend’s wife is attempting to exploit her situation.

Without a choice, She agrees, but on a condition that she will commit suicide once her husband is saved.

Kamal over hears this. “Rather than you losing your honor to save your husband, it is better for me to become a thief to save my friend.”

He becomes a thief, and a group of thieves provide him support. He joins them. He still continues to help his friend’s ailing family See Point#7.

He tells that he contiued loving Mary, but felt guilty about seeing her.

For the goodwill of Kamal, Mary betrays him to Major.Sundarrajan

She requests that he gets punishment for his crimes and come back as a new person. “If you had true love for me, fulfill my wish.”, she tells him.

Major thanks Mary and wants to reward her, but she requests taht the best reward he can give her, is give Madan a good life, once he is released from prison.

Major introduces Kamal to another old Muslim prisoner ( who is going to be hanged) to prove to Madan, that his friends were not just thieves, but also murderers.


Rajini rapes and murders his Daughter. He tells the father that someone else did it. In his anger, the father kills an innocent man, and a policeman who came between, but Rajini laughs it away. The Old man is sentenced to death by Law. The man feels guilty for having killed innocent people, at the instigation of the person responsible for destroying ihs family ( Rajini).

With her husband & Kamal in Jail, Balu;s wife goes back to Cabre dancing to support herself. The rest of the gang do not support her. #MALARGALE SO GAYA SONG

Rajini’s accompolices dupe Balu’s wife by telling her that Balu has escaped from Jail. They bring her to an old mansion where Rajini attempts to rape her. As she resists, he uses the famous dialogue possibly for the first time in his career -“Idhu Dhaan Rajini Style” [ THE CHARACTER’s NAME IN THE MOVIE IS ALSO RAJINI].

She runs into a temple, picks up the Trishul from the Goddess and stabs herself, as Rajini and 2 of his other accompolices look on.

At this moment, as she dies, her husband Balu arrives on the scene. The 3 accused run away.

The Old man calls Kamal to his cell and wishes him goodbye. He is to be hanged the next day. He feels that he has left behind a blind son, who is dependent on others for left overs. Kamal assures him that he will take responsibility for his son and his future.

The next day, Kamal sees the Old man led to the gallows. It hurts him very much.

The man’s son is brought next day as per Kamal’s wish. As his son talks to him, Kamal mimics the Old Man’s voice. He hands over the boy to Major and tells teh boy to go with Uncle to another Uncle’s name Murali, who would take care of him. [ MURALI IS THE AILING FRIEND WHOM KAMAL TOOK CARE OF EARLIER.]

Kamal releases from Jail & Sripriya, Murali and vasanthi ( his wife) come to see him. Kamal mimics the Old Man’s voice and speaks to the little Boy.

Major offers him the job of a Private Detective, an alternative to the Police Department, which can aid the Police Department.

Kamal tells Mary the happy news and she is happy

But before leaving he tells her that no matter how he moves on in Life, he will always miss Mary.

At his detective agency, receives signals from an anonymous person, depicting the Aadu-Puli Aatam Board.

He goes back to the Old Hangout -> Now, they are enemies.


Rajini dialogue to Kamal-> “Netraya Snegithan, Naalaya Ethiri, Indraya Thalai Vali.”

Rajini is asked to meet an idealistic person, Thengai Srinivasan. His son was like the Prodigal Son, did a lot of crimes, went to jail, turned a new leaf. One day, he came to his father and apologized and said he would bring his wife. His father was happy. But, his description ( VOICE CENSORED).. and Thengai says that his son is crying in a corner.

He is shocked to see ‘Balu’. Kamal is happy, but Balu cannot respond. He has lost his mind. Thengai tells him that his daughter in law committed suicide at a Kali temple, and that they found his son in this state there. He doesn’t know the reason, and wants Madan ( Kamal ) to help him out.

On Bakrid day, Kamal mimics his voice and speaks with the Boy.

As he reveals the truth to Thengai Srinivasan, this is over heard by the blind Muslim Boy.

Kamal convinces the little Boy.


Rajini kidnaps SriPriya and calls Kamal asking him to come to a point. Like many places u the movie, he addresses Kamal as “MADAN, MERA DOSTH”.. At the end of the conversation, he again uses the term “Idhu Rajini Style“.

He puts Sripriya in an empty tank and bargains with him to exchange a briefcase past a TOLL GATE, becuase there is heavy Police activity. Since Kamal is now on the side of the Police, he wont have a problem. He says that he will open up the water tank and if he doesn’t return in two hours, She will drown.


The water is opened and Kamal does not have a choice now.

AT the toll gate, Kamal signals with his eyes to the Inspector. The inspector follows the Car.

A fight ensues, and both Rajini’s accompolices are intercepted by the POlice.

Kamal enters Rajini’s den and fights with Rajini and Natraj, the last of Rajjini’s remaning accompolices. The water continues to submerge around Sripriya.

Rajini and his accomplice escape and Kamal saves Sripriya

Sripriya ( Hema) comes dressed in a Sari and she proposes marriage to Kamal, but Kamal still has the guilt of having betrayed Mary ( Sister Mary), so, he refuses.

Sripriya goes to see Sister Mary.

She convinces Sister Mary, to promise her to make Kamal accept her proposal.

Major investigates one of Kamal and Rajini’s old accompolice, the one who was caught. #69.

They two time, the old accompolice to believe that Rajini was the person who actually betrayed him.

They allow the accomplice ( Muthaya) to escape and follow him.

Muthaya goes to Natraj’s house, and police trace and track him down.

Kamal emerges from the window, breaks into the house, pulls out the gun and surprises Major. He says that he was working for them so long, but was actually in cahoot with his friends. Natraj ( now with his hands tied) is happy.

Major and Kamal get into a fight.

Kamal and Natraj tie down Major ( S.P)

Now, Kamal tells Natraj they have to go and see Rajini. Before leaving Kamal and Major, they share winks.

Natraj trusts Rajini. In the Kali temple, he sees a unresponsive Balu. ( Thengai Srinivasan’s son and former gang member). Natraj now trusting Kamal tells him the truth, that they were responsible for his wife’s suicide.

Natraj enters the devotee’s room and pulls out a briefcase which contains all the loot that they stashed so long, but also Passports to escape.

As they come out, Thengai Srinivasan appears. Seeing him with Natraj, he mistakes Kamal to be a part of the gang as well.

Thengai gives a few punches and knocks Kamal out ( acting), but Thengai turns his attention to Natraj.

Kamal continues to act unconscious as Natraj and Thengai fight it out.

As Natraj empowers Thengai and goes to stab him with the same trishul that his wife killed herself, Balu recovers his sanity. He shouts out ‘Appa’, which immediately gives thengai the energy to throw away Natraj and rush to his son.

Natraj and Kamal escape woth the suitcase.

Both of them entered Rajini’s house. As Natraj tells him about Kamal, but Rajini slaps natraj, telling him that he was a stupid fool.

Incidentally, this is the 18th day ( The Kurukshetram in Mahabharata war took place for 18 days), when Rajini & Kamal became enemies.

As Kamal & Natraj fght, Rajini fires his gun to see sirens knowing his house is surrounded bu Police.

Natraj is captured.

As Rajini & Kamal fight, Kamal punches Rajini, who falls through a tree, before falling down. He falls down hits his eyes across a steel pipe, and turns blind. A blind boy wishes that this man may not lose his eyesight.

As Rajini enquires who this boy is, Kamal tells him, this is Hussain Bhai’s son, and he was actually responsible for turning this boy Blind.


Rajini regrets. Kamal feels that no punishment can be bigger than this for Rajini.

Rajini turns himself up and wants to go to the police. Kamal and Rajini become friends again.

Major presents a shield to Madan for his achievements

He attributes and offers the shield to Sister Mary.

Mary agrees to accept the shield, subject to the condition that he marries Sripriya.

Thengai Srinivasan on the stage says some auspicious blessings to which everyone clap.

The movie ends with a graphical representation of the Aadu-Puli chart, and ‘VANAKKAM’ across it.

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