John Doe Order for ‘Baloon’..

Update – A day after the film’s release, it looks like the inevitable has happened. At times, you can’t but help feel sorry for these film makers. Sad.

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The producers of upcoming film Baloon, which is scheduled to release today have obtained a John Doe order which effectively gives more power to ISP’s to block supposedly infringing content. Since the defendants ( the alleged infringing websites) do not turn up on such cases, the judgment is an ex parte injunction.

The question however, is how effective is this. This is not the first time that John Doe Orders have been obtained, but the web is too vast to be shrunk into a few thousand URL’s.

The producers of the famous ‘Kolaveri 3’ were possibly the earliest to set a precedent in the Madras High Court. It caused terrible confusion when entire legitimate domains were blocked instead of just taking down the specific URL’s in question. None the less, the Act didn’t stop pirated copies of the movie, appearing soon after.

Even the makers of Kabali obtained an exparte injunctions prior to the film’s release, but the film still found its way out in Day one.

The John Doe order is supposed to be another effective anti-piracy tool in theory, but other than its potential danger to stamp on legitimate other ‘human rights’, it has never shown to be even partially effective in stopping the ‘Piracy’ mammoth.

The only solution that film makers have to is to make films like ‘Aruvi’, that should instigate people to get up from their couches and come to theatres.


Kalavadiya Poludugal finally releases..

A movie has a certain shelf life. If it isn’t completed and released within a certain period, then it is a still born baby. After a long battle today waging several years, Kalavadiya Pozhuthagl, a film made by Thankar Bachchan starring Prabu Deva, Bhumika Chawla and Prakash Raaj released today. (I vaguely even remember hearing that this was one of the movies to be released through the C2H platform.) But what is the point? I doubt honestly if the film, which feels out of time today, can compete with the trendy likes of ‘Aruvi’ et al, with zero traction and promotions. Even the original star cast have moved on. Prabu Deva, the lead star makes no mention of this film in his social media profile and so does Prakash Raaj.

It is an unfortunate situation. May be two or three days, and then it will be out of theatres. Even if it’s held on as a buffer till a larger film arrives, I doubt if it will attract audiences to the theatre.

The film is definitely not going to recover its investment, considering the huge delays involved. The only point in a theatrical release is for the film makers to get some sort of closure. With the likes of Amazon Prime, Hotstar and Netflix, a theatrical release for a long delayed and dated film like this, feels even more absurd.

‘Google Movies’ – Film Rental offer starts ₹20

In an era where ‘eat as much as you want’ streaming services like ‘Netflix’, ‘Hotstar’ and ‘Amazon Prime’ are establishing themselves, and with tonnes of free content on YouTube to gorge on, it is hard to fathom how ‘pay per view’ / download models like ITunes or Google Movies would survive. Off course, these companies do not depend on these services as their primary revenue resources, else they would have shut shop long ago. In light of these circumstances, ‘Google Movies’ has slashed rental prices of several titles to ₹20. It appears to be a short term promotion offer, but i think such services will have to ‘normalize’ costs around such price points, into the future. So, if you haven’t yet committed to a monthly subscription service, want to go legal for a change 😀 or wish to see a title that isn’t available anywhere else, here is your chance. Enjoy.

An Open letter to Actor Vishal..

Dear Vishal, i wish to write a very short letter to you. The last year has been quite successful for you, not only in your elections in the ‘Actors’ and ‘Producers’ council, but in the subsequent actions against ‘Tamilrockers’, as well. Today, as i type this, you are making ‘news’, for a very different reason.

After a brief spurt of “news feeds” , that your nomination was rejected by the E. C for the R.K.Nagar election, it now appears that your nomination has been accepted now. I believe you are going to start campaigning from tomorrow on. May the ‘stars’ and ‘gods’ even make you win, if you are indeed deserving. My best wishes to you on this front.

There is this minor grievance that I have and I hope that you will be able to address this. It doesn’t concern you directly, but my grievance is targeted against those, who are associated with an organization, of which you happen to be – the President.

I have been a follower of the official Twitter handle of ‘Tamilnadu Film Producers Council’ – @TFPC_AP, for sometime now. I have interacted with the handle a few times, mostly on issues surrounding ‘piracy’, and even ‘liked’ and ‘retweeted’, a few tweets.

Following the endorsement of this handle (Film Producers Council) supporting/defending your actions which you have taken about contesting the R.K.Nagar seat, i raised a question if there was an ethical conflict in the official Twitter handle supporting, what was a decision taken by its leader (Vishal) in a personal capacity (and non official capacity) , that has no bearing on the ‘Producers Council’.

My question was raised, given that a few members of the Producers Council themselves have come out in public, and raised objections. As an incidental co-incidence, you yourself admit in a reply to Director Cheran saying that, this action of yours is an ‘independent decision‘.

Although I make a reference to Director Cheran in the tweet, I am not bringing the issue between Director ‘Cheran’ and ‘you’, as it may distort the views that i wish to present.

Hypothetically speaking, there may be those, within your own group (that won the ‘Producer Council’ elections last year) who may have supported your decision to become ‘President’ of the Producers Council and still support the Council’s actions , but may not be in favour of you, taking part in a public election. For such individuals, I am sure, they cannot question you, as you have taken this decision in ‘an individual capacity’.

So this is my perspective. How can a common Twitter handle that balances both these perspectives, tweet in favour of one? If at all, the person who manages the official Twitter handle of @TFPC_AP, should have done it from his own handle, and not from the organization.

I think the snapshots are quite clear, that i wished to share this thought.

The Twitter handle could have chosen to not reply to my tweet, but it chose to – an answer that I am unable to decipher, unfortunately. (For the president, by the president. Stay within your limits S..)

Following this reply, I have been blocked by the handle. The handle could have chosen to stay silent, but what was the need to ‘block me’? Off course, the easiest way out here in such cases, is to call someone who doesn’t agree with your views as a ‘troll’, and block them. But I don’t think that could be the case, as this same handle has liked some of my tweets, in the past – Tweets, that were favorable to the organization’s objectives.

So now, is my understanding that, the @TFPC_AP will not tolerate any voices that raise objections to its views or will it simply block those that do? Is this the purported ‘democracy’ that you speak off when you raise the banner of campaigning in your Twitter handle, a ‘democracy’ that unfortunately can’t handle dissent?

Again, I reiterate that this has nothing to do with you. But a leader not only takes responsibility of those under him but also sets positive examples. There are many examples of ‘suppression of dissent’ that we see and hear, and i hope that you may be different.

I have added the interactions for your convenience. Just to let you know, that i haven’t left out anything to suit my narrative, you may check all the other interactions that have happened between ‘me’ and ‘@TFPC_AP’.

Best wishes for your future endeavors, and I hope that, in case you win, ‘you’ and ‘your online media handles’ may choose to be a little more democratic, in future.