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TALKIE EXPERIENCES IN TAMIL’ was written and first published in the year 1938. The work originally done in Tamil, chronicles legendary playwright, Pammal Sambandha Mudaliar’s own experiences in writing, directing and acting in Talkie films, which were made in the 1930’s. The book provides us a first hand view of the challenges faced by Tamil film makers, who had to travel to the North to make Talkie films, a comparative analysis of ‘stage’ and ‘nascent Tamil films’, and the evolution of the Tamil Talkie industry in Madras.

Mudaliar speaks in detail about the film ‘Sati Sulochana’, which he directed in the year 1934, in Calcutta, and the trauma that he underwent during the making of Manohara, in Bombay, two years later. While the former has the distinction of being the oldest known surviving Tamil film, the latter is believed to be lost. The original text written in Tamil by Sambandha Mudaliar has been translated into English, with the addition of necessary annotations and the inclusion of ‘rare primary vintage news paper clippings’ to provide a better impression of the original text, to the reader.