TFPC and its relentless Pursuit of ‘TamilRockers’

When Vishal fought his way to power, few years ago at the TFPC, few people expected him to generate serious results in the ‘antipiracy’ front, beyond seeking momentary PR for his upcoming films. But that might soon change.

Under his leadership, a special young AntiPiracy team was setup, which has been relentlessly pursuing Tamilrockers, and various other Piracy web domains. Hundreds of domains have been blocked ( with Pirate Websites forced to hop to the next domain) and revenue streams have been cut off. While tangible alternatives have been found at the moment for the Piracy websites, invariably, the noose is invariably tightening, and that might just be a game changer here – a serious one that could solve a problem of over 2 decades for the film and entertainment industry.

The consistent persistence and determination of the TFPC’s Antipiracy council has helped it earn a special reputation over the years. Last week, the TFPC announced that it had obtained ‘admin-deletion’ rights for a couple of cyber locker websites, giving them the power to delete content immediately. But the latest news of the council’s work being recognized by the Central Government creates an opportunity for them to directly ‘lobby’ for their interests and provide tools for instant ‘take-down’, by passing traditional take down steps, distributed across multiple online agencies could be a serious game changer, and if the TFPC has come so far, then it is very much possible that this will happen.


, if this happens, it will be a serious precedent, in a sense that rights groups are going to oppose the passing of take down rights ( which are very legitimate in this case, when seen from the case of Anti Piracy agencies and the film makers), but copyright holders have also been known to abuse take-down rights for perfectly legitimate cases, to cover up some of their own deficiencies.


But that power in the hands of an agency like the TFPC, could change the piracy eco system totally. It may not eradicate piracy totally, but the flagship Piracy Mascot ‘TamilRockers’ which up and until now has proved to be a serious pain the neck for the film makers, is known to rely only a centralized URL based system, could be gone for ever.

And that itself, would be a mega mega success for the film industry. If that happens, Producer Gnanavel Raja would have the last laugh.


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