TFPC Antipiracy – Harnessing fan support for Kaala..

Since yesterday, TFPC claims that around 6000 links have been removed, which itself is a tremendous effort. πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

It also appears to be taking the help of Copyright media, which has been an independent antipiracy management organization for quite some time and also

Harnessing the power of die hard fans/fan organizations so far is unique, and it is a good step ahead. (But apart from Rajini/Kamal, is something like this possible in today’s world, i wonder?)

The scale of this gargantuan effort is unthinkable for any other actor / movie, but sadly just searching πŸ”Ž around for just 2 minutes with big ‘G’ baba and a working link is appearing.

If this scale of effort has been done for some other film, I guess it would have a substantial effort in removing illegal links, but for a film of Rajini’s scale, links will simply keep appearing. Some of yesterday’s links will be gone today, and today’s new links will be gone tomorrow, but they will keep coming.

Interestingly most of the new films are tying up with providers like Amazon prime and start appearing in less than a month, legally. Several films are broadcast on TV in less than 2 or 3 months, yet the Internet has created a situation where millions of users don’t want to pay for such services or wait so long. Beyond this, what can the film industry do?


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