TR Continues to be Online ..

For the last month, the tiff between The Tamilnadu Film Producer’s Council and the Digital Signal Providers ( QUBE, UFO, PXD etc) seems to have hit a bottleneck, regarding the issue of ‘Virtual Service Fees’. No new films have released for quite a while, and theatre operators over the state are running re-runs of old films. In such a scenario, there has been some news on the Piracy front.

In the last 24 hours, news sources claim that police seem to have arrested a few operators who allegedly ran the infamous website. The sad part is that, the media which goes gung-ho over this news will not even bother to follow up, what happened to the people arrested today, in the days to come. Even last year, a similar such arrest was made, but there are hardly any reports that have followed up on what happened to the person who was arrested. So, we will never know for sure, if the person involved in that case was ‘innocent’, ‘accused’ or was a case of mistaken identity.


                                           Tamilrockers continues to be up & running.

But what matters is this. The site ‘Tamil Rockers’ still continues to be up and running. It has been domain hopping for over a year, and continues to do so. ‘Blocking of URL domains’ is hardly seems to be an effective solution even for an hour, as the site keeps coming back again and again. The arrests may give some publicity and ‘news-focus’ for a couple of days, before the issue dies down again.

The real danger that the film industry faces is no longer the actual issue of debating whether the act of indulging in piracy is right or not, but rather, that if such events keep happening, that they no longer turn eye-balls or not. I would be surprised, if even popular film magazines which have been around, will provide major focus to this raid, in the coming week.



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