One of my greatest regrets !!! S.S.Vasan’s Home

My first office was situated in R.K.Salai. I had worked in that location between late 2005 and 2008. Following this period, i relocated to Bangalore. Each day as i trode to office, i had to see a dilapidated yesteryear Bungalow, sitting on the other side of my office wall. The name plate etched on the wall bearing the house owner’s name ‘S.S.Vasan’ still fills my eyes.

The gate used to be open, and there was a huge open veranda which led to the house, back then. I don’t remember in detail, if there was a security-guard sitting at the gate, but i guess that there must have been one. Surely, I could have got access to seeing this iconic building, by placing a humble request, or maybe, i could have tried to contact its owners, just to have a look in the building which would have seen several iconic personalities, over the years.

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Sadly, i never knew the kind of interests that i would develop in the next decade, back then. The building was torn down, even when i was around. The name of the building’s former owner, for some reason, has stuck in my head, and i realise its significance now.

S.S.Vasan’s Gemini Studios became the epitome of discipline and organization in film production. It would continue to be at the helm of the Thamizh film Industry, before the emergence of unionism started eating its legacy from the fringes. Without doubt, Vasan’s legacy was one of the corner stones, over which the modern Thamizh film Industry sits on today.

Sadly, it has been ages since I have visited my old office now. I hope, against all practical hope, that the new builders have left atleast the outer wall, in rememberance of one of the most influential public personalities in the world of Print Publishing, Film Distribution & Production.

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