Cheran’s dream is now officially over!!!

The much hyped ‘Cinema2Home’ project has met a slow death. Barring the release of ‘JK Ennum Nanbanin Vazhkai’ and the re-release of ‘Madha Yaanai Kootam’, the project never really took off. Its online distribution infrastructure was ridden with bugs and login issues.


Over a period of time, interest in this project declined for the news media. Barring an incident which took place last year in which, an arrest warrant was issued against Cheran for a bounced cheque, nothing else related to the C2H project piqued interest. Infact, no one even bothered to observe that the C2H domain went offline.

The downfall was obviously eminent. A couple of days ago, Director Cheran has made an announcement on his Facebook feed which sums up the inevitable. Good bye, ‘Cinema2Home’. He has also announced that he will be making a couple of films, which will logically be distributed through the traditional distribution system.

As with his case through out, he even now takes the moral high ground of pointing fingers against those who pirate, and takes a satirical dig at his failure and speaks about re-budgeting his films to calculate known losses against piracy.  Did it need such a costly experiment for an experienced film maker like Cheran to figure this out?


Screenshot 2017-05-24 13.23.11

[P.S – Several attempts were made by this author to contact Director Cheran over the years to speak about the status of the C2H project, but to no avail. Personally, right from the beginning, I was very skeptical about this project and some of the views that Cheran was expressing. I even wished to point them out and discuss them with him, but unfortunately, this did not happen.]


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