Feedback received for ‘Talkie Experiences in Tamil’ 

  1. ‘Excellent work Sugeeth!’ – Sruti Harihara Subramaniam, The Cinema Resource Centre.
  2. ‘Wow, Sugeeth, this is fantastic work. Looking forward to reading it’ – Lawrence Liang.
  3. ‘I read the book in one sitting as it was interesting to know how films were made in the past. Laudable effort by your pal to translate the book from Tamil by Pammal Sambanda Mudaliar. It will be valuable for students of cinema, researchers and film makers.’ – Babu Subramaniam, Film Enthusiast. ( Former Lecturer, Film Appreciation Course, Christ College)
  4. ‘I spent three years on the IndExpress project without knowing who & how it will help. One researcher, you, benefiting from this exercise, more than justifies my effort.’ – M.V.Surender.

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