Tamil Cinema’s war of Survival – A single front war against Piracy (or) is it a multi front War?

  1. I am faced with an absurd problem. I am able to create content with the highest resolution, but do not have the required bandwidth to upload it. So, i have to resize ( reduce the quality of the high quality), to abysmally bad levels simply to match my upload bandwidth, so that, it is as poor as ‘church mice‘. At this point, i own my indebtedness to someone at TRAI who redefined Broadband as a minimum speed from the legendary 256kbps which was defined almost a decade ago to 512kbps. Thank you very much sir. So, much for someone envisioning 5 years ago, that the minimum Broadband speeds in the country would be 2 Mbps, and another person who is envisioning providing 100 Mbps speeds to ordinary households. 
  2. Sorry about the background colour, especially in the first few slides. The content is a little crammed for space. Initially, i had planned this as an animated GIF, but by the time i finished it, i realised that i could not set an automated Time between images, so, i made it as a PDF, which you can download here. I have added a really bad image file below. I am not even sure, if it will load. If you want a better quality of the content in higher resolution, Download it as PDF Here



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